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The real Italian dinner
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From a real Italian master chef ,enjoy 1 class dinner at your home.

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Ricky A. Dirienzo Born in Milan, but of a Sicilian family and mother, Ricky Dirienzo trained in the kitchen with his father Chef of Apulian origin but raised in Milan, where he acquires the great culinary art of the North with French influence working on the great 1 class train eueopean railway as Executive Chef, and his great mother local chef of Sicilian cuisine. At the age of 13, seeing the potential, Ricky begins a tour of hotel schools to then train at the Univerisitá Du Lac in the city of Sirmione. At the age of 21 he decides to get to know the world, on large cruise ships, where he stays for 13 years, and where he is trained like him as Restaurant Manager and late as an Executice Chef. moves permanently to Brazil where he arrives in 1997 until today. He opens his cooking and hotel school there, after having worked as a consultant for hotels and restaurants. Today the Master Chef Dirienzo is well known, both in the USA and in Latin America and in Italy, for his battle to preserve Italian cuisine in the world. He is president of an Association of Chefs (the Cuisine ) and others countless associations around the world, as an Ambassador of Italian Gastronomy worldwide.

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