On Demand Chefs Making Memorable Connections With Loved Ones 

The Evolution Of Restaurants 

Dine In With No Worries 

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Chef Omar Creates The Impossible during the Pandemic


We had so much fun, we spent time catching with friends instead of being stuck in the kitchen. The food was absolutely amazing and they cleaned up after. Literally a dream come true. The kids loved it! Thanks, Cook Casa 

Vipul Dayal and  Family.

Lilia couldn't believe it. She was so surprised. The cream tart was perfect and the custom wine bottle with the engraved limited edition really everything special. 

Bennett and Lilia

We love enjoying nice restaurants but we're taking a break for now. Most of the time we never see the Chef but the Chef came over and brought everything then cleaned up after. It was convenient, memorable and fun. 

Nick and Julianna 

The dessert was absolutely delicious and beautiful. We don't even know if we wanna open the wine bottle. I've never seen anything like it.

Paula and Bianca

I've had the privilege of cooking on private planes, yachts, countless events including my own restaurant. I love to cook. I've done a few experiences for Cook Casa and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Cool concept and lots of fun. I've met some amazing people and looking forward to connecting with many more.   

Chef Randall